Gallery in 月和十星

How you can spend your time at 月和十星

At 月和十星, you can enjoy Krimgen's new works and original drawings, focusing on stationery. Occasionally, a bargain Happy Bag will appear.


Spend a relaxing time

When you open the door of 月和十星, you will find a space of peace. Lots of Krimgen works welcome you with hearts.


The entrance to the world of Krimgen

Having time is the greatest luxury of modern era. Forget about digital tools for a while in this store and enter the analog world. We hope you can spend a relaxing time in this store. 


From original paintings to stationery

We handle a wide range of items, from Krimgen's original paintings to commercialized stationery and art books. Please feel free to tell us your request.


New works will arrive one after another

The owner of 月和十星 are collecting many items of Krimgen every moment. Tou can enjoy every new item there.


Many Postcards

Krimgen has sold countless postcards so far. And the number continues to increase every year. The owner of 月和十星 makes an effort to introduce as many postcards as possible to everyone.


Special designs only for this store

We will gradually increase the special designs dedicated to this store.


Take your favorites home

After spending some time in the store, please take your favorites home with you. Those small pieces color your daily life and heal your mind.