Krimgen continues to make the big question about what "humanity" is and what "human happiness" is. The appearance of nature and children shows the original appearance of human beings and the natural goodness of human beings. This was a huge discovery for me. Having the imagination to empathize with others is a great human virtue. If we make the best use of the goodness of human beings, our society will become a place where we can live with peace of mind and help each other.
The world I envision is an ideal world that is far from reality now on the earth, but I would like to find hope in the future by continuing to show my ideals.
If you are struggling to adapt to today's human society, Krimgen will continue to create works that support you from behind, saying, "Your humanity, feeling is not wrong."
I continue to believe in the potential of humans to live with nature on the earth.


The first Krimgen specialty store

You can take a look at the many Krimgen works, from new to old, directly at the store. We will also deliver the original paintings on a regular basis.


Please try at the store

You can try Krimgen's stamps in the store. You can also send a letter from the store. Touch the paper directly and try analog communication methods. We hope you spend a relaxing time in the store.